Meet the Flock

Portraits by Matt Veal


Liz Barette


Alastair Bendall
Design and Content


Maz Wickes
Communications & PR


Dave Brown
Digital Design & Dev


Lily Gooding
Design & Content


Street Art

Marketing has never been so much fun.

We know getting attention for a brand or business can be challenging. People are bombarded with messages at every turn. But marketing has never been so exciting.There are more ways than ever before to reach an audience, but one thing hasn’t changed. Creative work gets the most attention, is remembered for longer and has the power to change behaviour.

We believe clever creativity, shared in the right places, gets people thinking, talking and acting. In short, people @flocktoit

Open door creativity

However much we learn about a product or brand you, the client, will know more. This is why we believe in an open door approach to creativity, welcoming clients to get involved in the creative process whenever possible. We think working in a truly collaborative way gets better results, after all there’s strength in numbers.